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    Private Groups

    Why choose to book a private group?

    A private bookings for certification or recertification allows for flexibility in delivery and customized scenarios.  For example a group may choose to focus on the company's recordable incidents.

    When it comes to courses a private class will allow for flexibility in delivery, content specific matter and location. For example a SnowAID course maybe delivered in the backcountry or on location at a given ski resort. 

    All private courses and certification are delivered onsite in order to delivered the best results under real world conditions.  

    Private courses and certifications MUST have a minimum of 8 candidates. If you do not have the minimum you will be charged for the 8 candidates. 

    Private booking allow our customers to:

    • Provide flexibility in the delivery of courses and certifications
    • Provide content specific training
    • Provide more cost effective training options
    • Provide on location training
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